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As an experienced educator and lifelong learner, Keisha merges her passion for pedagogy with purpose by providing support to teachers, adolescents and adults. She is committed to the calling of assisting others to attain both academic and social success.

Keisha has served as an English Language Arts instructor, mentor, and supervisor in Middle Georgia and the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Within her career as an educator, she has taught students labeled “at-risk” to those deemed “gifted.”  In addition, she has received several recognitions for her contributions within the classroom and mentorship, including the 2004-2005 Teacher of the Year for Morrow High School (Clayton County Public Schools) and named a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction, senior member of the Nobel Prize family.


Keisha has been granted the opportunity of presenting at various staff developments, parental events, and educational conferences. Her approach to teaching, learning and mentoring is distinct, credible and requested. The core of her educational philosophy is planted in the belief that learning is more than the expansion of intellect; it is the evolution of the individual. 


Keisha provides the following workshops to Schools and Family Advocacy Programs:


Motivation, Mastery, and Making a Difference with Differentiated Instruction

An educator dedicated to embracing the variety in student learning styles, Keisha has crafted a workshop equipped to enhance instruction in every classroom. In this seminar, Keisha shares various instructional strategies utilized to increase students' mastery of state standards and successfully shift their level of engagement from ordinary to extraordinary. Additionally, Keisha illustrates the magic of properly addressing multiple intelligence by modeling lessons and transforming professionals into pupils.

The Write Way to Success: Meeting the Mark on the Georgia High School Writing Test 

When faced with the task of writing, students can easily find themselves lost between the lines. From thesis, text, and tone to claims, counterclaims and cohesion, Keisha presents strategies for persuasive and argumentative writing inside and outside of the class. With a presentation where the elements of an effective essay are explored, Keisha shows the writer how to T.O.P. P. (Tackle, Organize, Position, and Persuade) the test.


OMG…R U LOL???: Decoding Our Students’ Reading, Writing, and Finding a Solution

In a world where communication is commonly conveyed through social media, emails and text messages, parents may find themselves confused by the shorthand and slang used by young social butterflies. However, amid the typing of abbreviations, acronyms, and emoticons to express thought, many of our youth encounter complications when faced with writing REAL words to reflect emotion. With this presentation, Keisha furnishes parents with facts about the impact of “text talk” on our children’s literacy skills, achievement levels, and provides hands on reading strategies to ensure their scholars learn to use language without  limits. 

Never Spill Ink, Make It Speak: The Power of Paper, Pen, and Poetry​

As a six year old, Keisha would watch her grandfather pen and preach his address from the pulpit. His words were more than a well scripted sermon. They stood upright and testified to the strength of written phrases turned spoken words. Witnessing that gift inspired Keisha to discover her own and at nine years of age, she was writing original poems and prose. By the age of twelve, she was battle rapping armed with on the spot free styles.  Through the use of writing prompts, images, and performance, she has constructed a workshop cultivated on her own creative experiences.  Merging her practices as educator, writer and poet, Keisha teaches youth how their voice can be an instrument used to not only speak, but inspire.

Keisha Pooler Workshops
Keisha Pooler / Workshops

Customized Workshops

 Upon request, Keisha can customize workshops to align to the needs of your educational institution, organization, conference, staff development, and students.

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